Professional Certification, Training & Education

Growth Wheel

Jasper A. Welch, III.

Academic Foundation

  • Bachelor of Science, 1975, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
    Bachelor of Science Degree, Degree with Distinction
  • School of Business, 1991-1993, Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado
    34 credit hours of coursework in School of Business Administration

Professional Development

  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 1980-82, Institutes for Organization Management
    University of Colorado, Boulder, CO campus
  • Certified Trainer & Representative, 1991, Professional Dynametric Programs
    Colorado Springs, Colorado, PDP behavioral trait assessment systems
  • Colorado Municipal League, 1991-94, Certified Elected Official program
    Denver, Colorado [completed 30+ hours of 30 hours required]
  • Western Entrepreneurial Network, 1996, Nx Level Certification
    Denver, CO, certified entrepreneurial instructor/trainer
  • San Juan College, March 1997, Certified Zenger~Miller trainer/facilitator
    Farmington, NM, management skills training & development
  • Miller/Heiman, Sept 1996, Strategic Selling seminar
    PDP, Inc. sponsored on-going advanced sales training for consultants
  • Farrell Group, August 1998, October 2002 Master Communications Seminar
    Littleton, CO, public speaking & communications training program
  • Quality New Mexico, 2000, Examiner (for Quality NM program)
    Albuquerque, NM, examiner for QNM applications in New Mexico
  • Marketing for Smarties, 2004-, Certified Master Coach, MfS Challenge
    New York City & Farmington, NM Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Classroom and Workshop Instructional Experience

  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 1994-02, Institute for Organization Management
    Instructor for strategic planning, leadership, ethics, ‘life-balance’
  • National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) 2006 – 2013
    Trainer & Facilitator
  • San Juan College, April 1997-2006, Business & Industry trainer, Farmington, NM
    Zenger~Miller certification: Instructor for various mgmt topics
  • Fort Lewis College, 1992-99, 2012-, Small Business Development Center
    Co-instructor for NxLevelFort Lewis College, fall 1996, Marketing Management, Durango, CO
    Leading Edge Intensive Training Course
  • Fort Lewis College, fall 1996, Marketing Management, Durango, CO
    Part Time Faculty, instructor for 4 credit hour marketing class
  • Fort Lewis College, 1997-8, Center for Professional Education, Durango, CO
    Instructor, Interim Program Coordinator, workshop series (marketing)
  • State of Colorado, Office of Business Development, 1996, NxLevel training
    Instructor for NxLevel entrepreneurial business training, Durango, CO
  • Marketing for Smarties, 2004-, Planned Growth Company, New York City, NY
    Master Trainer & Coach, 14-Step Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • San Juan College, 2000-2011, Enterprise Center, business incubator
    Entrepreneurship Trainer, on-going training for growing companies

Topical Index of Courses, Workshops and/or Facilitations presented

Advertising & Promotion

Business Models & Strategies

Time & Activity Management

Decision Making for Business

Six Thinking Hats [Ed deBono]

Teambuilding, Communications

Emotional Intelligence (EQ & EI)

Career Planning & Life Balance

Market Research & Planning

Community Visioning

Ethical Leadership

Facilitation for Groups

Strategic Planning

Entrepreneurship & Start-Ups

NxLevel® Business Training

Creativity & Problem Solving

Printing & Graphics (Specifying and Project Implementation)

Leadership Programs (weekend retreat presentations, Board development)

Board of Director training (non-profit organizations & corporate Boards)

Articles & Columns on Business Topics for Publications

  • Economic Development Journal, is the premier publication of IEDC, featuring in-depth articles on important programs, projects, & trends in the US and worldwide.
    "Power of Collaboration: Supporting Entrepreneurs”  Fall 2012
  • Four Corners Business Journal, monthly business publication, Durango, CO
    "On Management" column on a monthly basis, 1993-1995

Facilitation Expertise and Client Project Expertise

  • Public Information Programs: Creation, design and implementation of public info programs, including media relations & social media strategies

  • Strategic Planning Retreats:  Facilitation of planning retreats for Boards, teams,  Local government, companies and agencies.  Including survey research, director interviews, organizational development, strategic reports.

  • PDP Pro & Team Scan:  Personnel development and interpersonal communications using PDP instruments to assist organizations. Individual profiles, team profiles, motivation, stress mgt, worksheets.

  • Board of Director Development:  Assistance and training for Advisory & Governing Boards in a variety of topics.  Communications, change mgmt, resistance management, organizational cultures, skillful discussion.

  • Visioning & Priority Setting: Research & facilitation for agencies, non-profits, organizations and communities;  including SWOT analysis, priority setting, goal setting, visioning and strategic positioning.

  • Communications Strategy:  Research and facilitation for organizations on internal and external organizational communications. Use of PDP, surveys workgroups and spreadsheets to assist in developing strategies.

  • Business Models/Marketing Plan Development:  Instruction, facilitation, encouragement, and assistance with entrepreneurs on developing business models & marketing plans.    Classroom, one-on-one, workgroups

  • EarlyBird Toastmasters:  Member, 1980-1999, 2012-  Quality Toastmasters 2001-11


Strategic Planning Process

Where are you going? Where have you been? What is your vision?

Personnel Management

  • Match employees to specific jobs in your organization.
  • Reduce staff turnover.
  • Increase staff performance.
  • Assist in team development.
  • Better achieve your organizational goals.

Marketing & Sales strategies

  • Marketing: create, develop and implement marketing plans
  • Earned Media: No media or public relations strategy is “free”
  • Social Media: The ways that your company or branding messages are delivered are changing

Strategies for effective marketing and sales will make the difference between average and high performing results.