Professional Qualifications & Community Service

Business Model Canvas

Jasper A. Welch, III.

Professional & Marketplace Experience

  • Four Corners Management Systems, 1991-present, Owner, Durango, CO
    Consulting, facilitation, leadership, coaching, personnel, training
  •  National Business Incubation Association (NBIA), 2013-2014
     President & CEO, during transition from Athens, OH to Orlando, FL
  • San Juan College, 1999-2011, Executive Director, Farmington, NM
    Enterprise Center (business incubator),
  • Basin Reproduction & Printing Company, 1983-90, President, Durango, CO
    General management of diversified printing & graphics company.
  • Durango Chamber of Commerce, 1979-83, Chamber Executive, Durango, CO
    Served as paid manager for Board of Directors of a local Chamber
  • Durango Office Products, 1976-79, Assistant Manager, Durango, CO
    Assisted in a 50% increase in sales during a 4-year period.

Community Leadership and Involvement

  • Club 20, 1980 to present, Board of Directors, served on the Board, 1985 - 2002
    Served as Chairman of the Board (1990), RegVice Chair 85-89
  • Durango City Council, 1991-1999, City Council Member, Durango, CO
    Elected official for Colorado municipality. Mayor, 94/95, 98/99
  • StoneAge, Inc., Board Member, privately held manufacturer, Durango, CO
    Outside director on 5 member Board, Shareholder, 2001-2010
  • FastTrack Communications, Inc. Board Member
    Outside director on LPEA/Empire REA subsidiary, Feb 2002 - 2010
  • Transportation Legislative Review Committee, 96-00, appointed by two Govs
    11 member (6 legislators, 5 Gov appointees) legislative committee
  • DurangoAreaChamber/Resort Assn, 1988-1998, Leadership LaPlata, Dgo, CO
    Charter member of community leadership program
  • Steering Comm Hundred Club of Durango, 1985-, Board of Directors, Durango, CO
    Charity for dependents of fire/police officers, Officer since 1992
  • Public Speaking Club, 1980-1998 EarlyBird Toastmasters, Durango, CO
    Co-founder, Quality Toastmasters, Farmington, NM March 2001-

Professional Development

  • Certified Trainer & Consultant, 1991, Professional Dynametric Programs
    Woodland Park, Colorado, behavioral trait assessment systems
  • Colorado Municipal League, 1991-94, Certified Elected Official program
    Denver, Colorado [completed 30+ hours of 30 hours required]
  • Certified Facilitator & Trainer, 1997, Zenger~Miller training systems
    Farmington, NM, management skills training & development


  • Bachelor of Science, 1975, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
    Bachelor of Science Degree, graduated with Distinction
  • School of Business, 1991-1993, Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado
    34 credit hours of coursework in business curriculum



Strategic Planning Process

Where are you going? Where have you been? What is your vision?

Personnel Management

  • Match employees to specific jobs in your organization.
  • Reduce staff turnover.
  • Increase staff performance.
  • Assist in team development.
  • Better achieve your organizational goals.

Marketing & Sales strategies

  • Marketing: create, develop and implement marketing plans
  • Earned Media: No media or public relations strategy is “free”
  • Social Media: The ways that your company or branding messages are delivered are changing

Strategies for effective marketing and sales will make the difference between average and high performing results.