The Changing Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Some of my thoughts on the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and the changes that I’m seeing recent observations (since 2012) and over a 15-year involvement in business incubation and working with entrepreneurs (since late 1999). 

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Some thoughts on LLP - Plus some Guiding Principles

June 2, 1998
To:  Leadership La Plata Steering Committee
From:  Jasper Welch
Re:  Some thoughts on LLP Plus some Guiding Principles

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Your Leader Journey – Making a Difference

We are engaged.   We are involved.  We are being leaders, not just doing leadership.   So how do we determine our personal involvement and full engagement as a leader? As a leader, where do you want to be involved; considering your energy, talent, support and commitment?  How do you decide where to interact, given your unique ability and skills to be involved and engaged as a leader?

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