Business Model & Related Planning

Business plans can take a variety of forms.   This is a hybrid approach, with an outline of the critical elements, including business modeling.   We recommend the SBA link for more business plan ideas.   Here is the Durango (SW Colo) SBDC link:  And you can subscribe to Live Plan, as an option: and here is the link to the Business Model Canvas: 


Executive Summary:  2 to 3 page overview of the Business Plan (write this part last)

              >Description of the Business Model & How your Business works (the electronic Business Model Canvas can supplement this description).

              >What is your Competitive Set?   What else (Substitutes?) and Who else (Competitors?)

              >What is your Value Proposition?    Why is your product or service unique? 

              >Your target markets and customer segments?   How do you provide gains?  Solve pains?  For your customers?

              >Brief Financial Overview plus your Investment or Loan Proposal


Mission Statement: Concise overview of the overriding mission.

              >Stand alone statement of business purpose.  Why are you in business?  How are your customers helped and how will they benefit from your Value Proposition?



Operations Plan:  How the business works and operates  (Key Activities, Resources, Partners).

              >What business (Product or Service) are you in?  What is the Competitive Set?  What else (Substitutes)?  Who else (Your Competitors)?  

              >Your Key Activities (what you do), Key Resources (what you need?), Key Partners?

              >Break-Even Analysis and Operating Cost Analysis

              >What is your Value Proposition?  Unique Selling (Marketing) Position?

              >Facilities, production capacity, equipment & technology  (Resources?)

              >Fixed, Variable and Semi-Variable Cost Analysis



Business Model Canvas: Full-size or electronic version of BMC (Can you model it?)

              >Comprehensive Business Model Canvas, supported by the Value Proposition Canvas


Marketing & Promotion Plan:  Once the product is made or the service  is ready to perform, how is it priced, promoted and delivered to customer?

              >Analysis of the Competition: who are they and how do you position and market?

              >Target Markets and Analysis of Customers Segments (Create gains?  Solve pains?)

              >Market Research and Demographic Study of your marketplace (Business Databases)

              >Marketing & Promotion:  Strategies & Implementation Plan (including Social Media

              >Distribution and/or Delivery of Product/Service to Customers (Channels)

              >Pricing, Terms of Sale, Transaction Policies

              >Marketing Budgeting & Market Research Methods

              >Sales department organization and Sales staffing plan



Management & Personnel Plan: Who is operating, managing, selling  and planning for your company?   How are going to run the Company?

              >Resumes of "key" owners & managers

              >Personnel policies and job descriptions

              >Personnel development & assessment instruments

              >Compensation plans for "key" employees & owners

              >Organizational structure and managerial duties, including sales management

              >Regulations, payroll tax requirements, employment law, non-competes

              >Credit policies and internal cash controls



Current Financial Position: Up to date financial statements.

              >Current year-end Profit/Loss Statement & Balance Sheet

              >Tax Returns on Business (or personal, if start up) for past 3 years


Sales Projections and Forecast: Historical & projected sales analysis (see Excel template)

              >Estimated Sales Forecasting methods and projections

              >Pro Forma Profit & Loss Statements

              >Pro Forma Balance Sheets 


Cash Flow Statements & Projections:  Cash flow spreadsheets & forecasts.

              >Time line for positive cash flow from operations

              >Ability to service debt requirements from operating cash flow

              >Monthly cash management and reporting methods

              >Performa (projected) Cash Flow Statements


Summary of Loan or Investment Proposal:

              >One page summary of loan or investment proposal, including details

                 of what loan proceeds will accomplish, collateral & term considerations.



Appendixes:  Some of the following may be included in Business Plan.

              >Brochures, bulletins, and product/service information (paper or PDF)

              >Real property appraisal and/or equipment listing (PDF or Excel)

              >Accounts payable & accounts receivable (QB or Excel)

              >Supplier & customer lists (confidential information)

              >Building or space lease terms & conditions  (PDF or copy)

              >Personal financial statements (bank will likely require these for loan)

              >Copyrights, patents or trademarks held by you and /or company


Need more info?  Contact your local SBDC professional staff.  In Durango, CO call the Durango-based SBDC office (970) 247-7009.    On the web: