Ad-Lib Value Proposition Template

Ad-libs are a great way to quickly shape alternative directions for your value proposition. They force you to pinpoint how exactly you are going to creating value. Prototype three to five different directions by filling out the blanks in the ad-lib below.

Courtesy of Strategyzer.

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Business Model & Related Planning

Business plans can take a variety of forms.   This is a hybrid approach, with an outline of the critical elements, including business modeling.

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What is right with business incubation

The recent response by NBIA members to the Kauffman Foundation “Policy Digest” (March 26, 2013), initially started by Mary & Rick from the Colorado Springs Technology Incubator, has evoked a lively discussion among managers and supporters of business incubation in the US.     

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The Changing Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Some of my thoughts on the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and the changes that I’m seeing recent observations (since 2012) and over a 15-year involvement in business incubation and working with entrepreneurs (since late 1999). 

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