Finishing Well...

As you finish your assignment, job or leadership role…

1) Be Yourself!  Authentic, stable & comfortable in your own skin. 

2) Be Diplomatic:  Reveal what is appropriate, conceal what is confidential, be thoughtful and respectful of others.

3) Be A Team Player: Even though you'll be leaving the organization or finishing the assignment, you & the organization (or team) will be best served if you to contribute as a team player.

4) Be Supportive: Finishing well involves supporting the organizational mission, while transitioning in your personal mission.

5) Be Professional:  Take a long-term view, as you retain a professional demeanor with your boss, Board, coworkers & clients/customers.

6) Be Quiet: If you can't say anything nice, grateful, or supportive -- just remain quiet & keeps those thoughts to yourself.  Not easy, but right.

7) Be Ethical:  Would your Mom be proud of how you handled yourself? Are you actions beyond reproach?  Are you “other directed”?

8) Keep a Sense of Humor:  The other team members, coworkers and peers are watching how you finish.   Don’t take yourself too seriously, but rather take time to laugh at yourself and be good humored.

These guidelines for “finishing well” will serve you and the organizations (teams or Boards) that you’ll be involved in.   Finishing well is hard work, and takes character and will power to achieve.  But compared to the short-term approaches of criticism, negative actions or vindictive behavior, these “finishing well” guidelines will ensure that your character will be tested and proven for long-term success.