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Who can you turn to discuss your most critical decisions? How do you get the advice and consulting input necessary to truly look at all your options? What about independent advice, that is client focused, on what will really be best for you?

Let’s explore the kinds of decisions and need for advice that professionals, managers and leaders face in their executive work. Every day, every week and in every project owners, managers and professional are responsible for getting better results and outcomes. Here are some examples of how Jasper and his FCMS team can help with your executive consulting and advisement.

Personnel Decisions: Recruiting, interviewing, assessments, hiring and training professional, support and team leader positions in your organization. FCMS has the PDP tools, processes and resources to assist in this most crucial management challenge.

Team Development: How to create, train and develop high performing teams is essential for organizational success. Whether your organization is a non-profit, government agency or a for profit enterprise, high performing teams will make or break the effectiveness of your organization. In the book When Teams Work Best, authors Frank LaFasto & Carl Larson reveal research on high performing teams. The #1 and #2 skills for high performing versus lower performing teams were the ability to give and receive feedback. FCMS has the tools and resources to help in your team development.

Business Advisement: Many owners of companies, managers of non-profits and executives with P&L responsibility have business decisions to make. Should we borrow money for growth, capital investment or real estate? How do we fully understand and utilize or financial statements? When should we sell our company and how should we design the buy-sell? What is the best way to transition in to retirement?   How do we reduce expenses, and meet our new budget reality? These are just a few of the business questions professionals, managers and owners face on a regular basis. Jasper and the FCMS team can assist and advise in these matters.   And, when legal, accounting, or banking advice is needed, Jasper can help direct you to the right professionals.

Political Decisions: Many executives, managers, professionals and owner are faced with decisions that are frankly more political than they’d like to admit. In the world of organizations, people are complex and teams can under perform. Each person’s feelings and emotional well-being actually matter. So how should an executive handle this level of understanding and complexity to decisions?  Jasper has advised executives, owners, elected officials, appointed officials, department directors, professionals and individuals in a variety of these types issues, situations and challenges.

Board of Director Development: One area of extensive expertise and experience that Jasper can help with is in the arena of Board governance and director development. Jasper has experience as an elected official, a paid executive (working for Boards), an outside Board director, a business owner, a Governor appointee, and as a business incubation professional.This wide array of experience and expertise is available to FCMS clients as they tackle their individual and organizational challenges.

Executive Coaching: Jasper has handled many projects, client requests and organizational strategic plans. And if additional expertise is needed, or if another advisor is better suited to assist a FCMS client, Jasper will work to make sure the client needs are fully met through an enhanced advisory network.

Give Jasper a call to discuss your executive advisement and management consulting needs. The FCMS team can help you achieve your personal and organizational goals.

"Smart Choices" Decision Making Model

From Smart Choices, Hammond, Keeney & Raiffa
“A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions” Harvard Business Press, 1999

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