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Are you prepared for leadership? Have opportunities come along, that you didn’t quite feel prepared to handle? Are you ready to grow to your next levels of potential and interpersonal effectiveness? Has your “inner jerk” gotten the best you, which has lead to tentative relationships and mediocre results?

Research by Kouzes & Posner in their ground breaking book, Leadership Challenge, indicates that leadership is developed from “on the job training” 50%, relationships 30%, and life-long learning (education) 20%. From my 25 years of FCMS consulting and executive coaching work, an integrated approach to professional and leadership development can be more effective than just hoping things will work out. Executive leadership, for professionals, managers and executives is best developed with purpose and a systematic approach. Being lucky isn’t good enough. Neither is just closing your eyes and jumping into leadership blind a very good plan.

There is a better way! A more purposeful way!

Here are the critical areas of personal development that are part of the FCMS executive coaching and development strategies:

  1. Working on your Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ), both in terms of self-awareness and interpersonal skills. Being smart (IQ) can be helpful, but by itself you come across as arrogant, uncaring and a know-it-all. This can hinder your interpersonal effectiveness.  And being undisciplined and lacking personal self-awareness can result in limited relationships and weakness in critical interpersonal skills. Both intrapersonal and interpersonal skills are necessary for effective leadership and positive personal persuasion. Research has shown that leaders with higher EI/EQ are more effective that those who are just smart (high IQ), but lack necessary people skills.

  2. “Feedback is a gift” (Marshall Goldsmith, in his excellent book, What Got You’re Here, Won’t Get you There). In the FCMS coaching model, getting accurate interpersonal feedback in critical for improving your professional, executive and leadership skills. Jasper has developed a Criteria Based Coaching Model™ that begins with a FCMS 360 interpersonal assessment (peers, direct reports, managers, customers). Once the 360 assessment is completed, the compiled results are tabulated and shared (confidentially) with the individual FCMS client in a one-on-one meeting with Jasper. Using this feedback, a set of interpersonal development criteria is created, using the Criteria Based Coaching Model™ to assist each client in their leadership development.

  3. Another personal development tool is PDP. Professional Dynametrics Programs is a Colorado based company that Jasper has been licensed with since 1991. Beginning with ground-breaking research at leading Colorado universities, founder Bruce Hubby designed personal assessment instruments known at ProScan, JobScan and TeamScan. These behavioral trait assessments can be used to identify your motivation, interpersonal approach, communications style, back up style and how you come across to others. Jasper will utilize a personal development ProScan to help each client better understand what makes them tick and what gets them ticked off.   Self-awareness is essential in executive leadership development.  www.pdpworks.com

  4. It has been said that who you become, is based on the books you read and the people you associate with. What books are you reading? (If any?).  Who are you spending time with, both as an influencer and being influenced by? Jasper works with executive leadership clients to assist them in expanding their leadership capacity with books and resources that engage them fully in their personal development. In his personal library are books that have impacted many leaders and FCMS clients. Many clients have begun or expanded their executive leadership library with books given to them by Jasper.

  5. Self assessment on a regular basis is part of the Criteria Based Coaching Model™. Early in his business career, Jasper met a recovering alcoholic, who had pasted “You are Looking at the Problem” onto his bathroom mirror. This was a reminder to the recovering alcoholic of “the who” was the source of his personal growth challenges. Blaming others or discounting your behavior, is a recipe for lack of personal growth and limited effectiveness as a leader. Taking responsibility for one’s action and leadership abilities is essential for the successful leader. Before each session with Jasper (as your executive coach), you’ll complete a self-assessment designed by you using the Criteria Based Coaching Model™ It is your responsibility to make the changes you are working on. But rather than being on your own, you’ll have an experienced FCMS coach to assist you along the way.

Each client is unique. Each leader has differing challenges, strengths and goals. It takes more than a prayer (although prayer is very helpful), more that a self-help book and more than continued life experience to become an effective leader, manager or professional. By using the FCMS Criteria Based Coaching Model™ and related tools (such as PDP), FCMS clients can move towards their goal of interpersonal effectiveness and impactful leadership. Why wait any longer? Give Jasper a call to discuss your individual needs, goals and personal challenges.

"Smart Choices" Decision Making Model

From Smart Choices, Hammond, Keeney & Raiffa
“A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions” Harvard Business Press, 1999

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