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Growth Wheel

Marketing:  Jasper creates, develops and implements marketing plans, overall media strategies and public information plans for businesses and community organizations. His professional experience includes advertising, professional sales, printing production, graphics coordination, public relations, media research, social media strategies, market research, web site development & PDP sales training.

Earned Media:  No media or public relations strategy is “free”. Word of mouth is not accidental. Rather, PR and media coverage is “earned” through better copy, better positioning, better media relations and a better pressroom on your web site. Whether you need to update your biography, set up a pubic information program (non-profit or agency) or create a public relations plan, Jasper and the FCMS team can help.

Social Media:  The ways that your company or branding messages are delivered are changing. While your content or message (your MfS Copy Platform) is still essential, how it is delivered to your customer or audience is radically changing.  E-communications channels (Internet) and E-network channels (social media such as Linked In® ) are replacing traditional newsprint and broadcast radio. A web site is essential, combined with a presence in social media. Our FCMS team can advise, assist and help you to resource your digital marketing presence.

Sales Training: The FCMS team delivers and coaches businesses and enterprises, using high impact FCMS sales training for professionals, sales representatives and your front line staff.   Using field-tested models, Jasper and the FCMS sales trainers can assist your company in improving your sales team capacity, skills and selling abilities. FCMS has created a targeted Engage Your Marketing (Jasper & strategic resources) to deliver PDP-powered high-impact programs in sales training and personal selling. We’ll help you sell effectively with solid results!

Strategies for effective marketing and sales will make the difference between average and high performing results. A good marketing strategy takes you in the right direction. A good tactic (assuming a good strategy) is doing the right thing in the right place.  Too often companies get bogged down in tactics and they lack a good strategy.  Using Marketing for Smarties™, a field tested 14-step marketing approach that has proven results; Jasper and the Engage Your Marketing team will create your company marketing strategy on target, on time and on budget.

Customer Satisfaction: All companies have a level of customer service, ranging from just scraping by to exceptional. Only when you monitor and measure customer satisfaction can you are in touch your customer's experience. In a competitive marketplace, companies and organizations focused on customer satisfaction metrics will achieve better customer service and business results. Jasper and the FCMS trainers offer field-tested customer service assessments and training designed to motivate your work teams to inspire customer delight.

Marketing support and resources: Jasper has over 30 years in marketing, sales and advertising, including running a printing company (former President of Basin Printing in Durango, CO) and running the Water Information Program (Southwestern Water Conservation District).  These direct marketing management experiences and many client marketing support projects give Jasper a unique perspective to bring to your next marketing project or goal. The FCMS professional team will develop a marketing strategy and supporting tactics that will help your organization achieve the sales results you are striving for.

Give us a call or drop Jasper an e-mail.  Let’s have a conversation about your brand, your marketing, your goals, and your sales vision. From marketing plans, branding development, media relations, Marketing for Smarties, marketing budgets to sales training, the team at Four Corners Management Systems can provide the marketing and sales support you need. Starting with a courtesy initial visit, Jasper and the FCMS resource team will get your marketing moving forward and getting results.

SPIN Selling Strategies

Based on the book: SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham

Personnel Management

  • Match employees to specific jobs in your organization.
  • Reduce staff turnover.
  • Increase staff performance.
  • Assist in team development.
  • Better achieve your organizational goals.

Strategic Planning Process

Where are you going? Where have you been? What is your vision?