Personnel Management & People Development


For all organizations, it comes down to people. Are they ready for their jobs? Can they communicate to other employees, customers and stakeholders? Given their natural behavioral traits, how will each employee be coached to accomplish their individual goals and the organizational mission? And what about your own personal development? All these questions can be addressed with FCMS answers, depending on FCMS client needs, issues and budgets.

At Four Corners Management Systems we provide PDP® profile tools, FCMS assessments and management systems that can help organizations develop their people.  

The PDP ProScan® is a proven personal profile that is easy to administer, provides accurate results and can be used for individual and team development.  Combined with JobScan® and TeamScan®, these PDP tools can help managers and team members build better organizations and improve communications.

Each organization has team leaders, team contributors and team distracters. While each organization has a hiring process, there is no perfect solution to finding perfect employees. Rather, a more realistic approach is to further develop team leaders, expand the capacity of team contributors and refocus team distracters. FCMS has the following tools for this critical personnel development process:

  1. ProScan® by PDP can be used for individual development, motivational insight, and management perspective. ProScans can be administered on a paper-based survey (and processed on web based PDP Works software), or they can be sent via the PDP Works platform as an e-mail invitation. A complete profile report, with relevant worksheets and individual insights come with each ProScan® profile.

  2. 360 Assessments (using FCMS customized tools) for executive and team member development. This personal development tool is used to gather feedback from peers, customers, managers and direct reports. Using the 360 degree survey feedback, your FCMS coach will assist you in better understanding how you come across to others, how to improve your interpersonal skills and what strengths to build on.

  3. PDP Power Applications: The PDP Power App® can be used for individual and team training to better apply PDP based solutions to your organizations. These include key personnel development management topics such as Understanding Your Personal Strengths, Communications, Leadership and Hiring Right.

  4. PDP Job Scan & TeamScan: These supplemental PDP tools are based on the individual PDP ProScan and can help individuals, teams and managers match people to jobs (job fit) and to improve teams and their communication.

  5. Executive Coaching: Using the FCMS developed ‘criteria based coaching’ model, individual professionals, managers and executives can work with a personal FCMS executive coach to improve intra and interpersonal skills.

  6. FCMS Team Training: Jasper and the associated FCMS trainers can assist your team, department and staff development with customized training to get results.  Using PDP, FCMS and supporting tools and processes, your teams can develop their full potential.   High performing teams get better results.

  7. FCMS Reading List: It has been said that "who you are" is based on the people you are with (personal & professional relationships) and the books that you are reading (personal & professional development). Jasper has an extensive personal and professional development library; books that he has personally read and can recommend. Resources are recommended based on individual needs, goals and development.  

From employee recruiting, selection, hiring, training and development, to teams of high performing contributors, Four Corners Management Systems can help you became a peak performing organization.  Give Jasper a call or email him today!  


PDP Works Pilot Project

Implementing ProScan, JobScan & JDA Hiring Profiles to better match employees to specific jobs and tasks in your organization.

Marketing & Sales strategies

  • Marketing: create, develop and implement marketing plans
  • Earned Media: No media or public relations strategy is “free”
  • Social Media: The ways that your company or branding messages are delivered are changing

Strategies for effective marketing and sales will make the difference between average and high performing results.

Strategic Planning Process

Where are you going? Where have you been? What is your vision?